Roxen Bliss mirror

LED mirror for a bathroom


  • Size (width/height) 50×70, 60×80, 70×70, 80×70
  • Touch control
  • Backlit
  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Anti-fog
  • Material: 5mm High Quality Glass
  • IP Rate:IP 44
  • Mounting type: Wall mount



Roxen Bliss mirror – classic model with 5 cm wide LED backlight and touch switch. The mirror illumination is positioned so that the effect of a frame is created, which serves as a full-fledged lamp; as well as the effect of a “floating mirror” is created by scattering light along the wall. Thanks to a well-thought-out mounting system, you can position the mirror on the wall as you like and create your own unique interior. Unlike similar models, Roxen mirrors use SMD 2835 LED strip – 120 diodes per 1 meter, which allows it to be used not only as a bright interior element, but also as an additional source of room lighting. The design of the body allows the production of LED strip, if necessary. The mirror body is made of high quality moisture resistant plastic. Each mirror is copper-free and epoxy-proof anti-corrosion treatment. Built-in LED-backlight withstands up to 50 thousand hours of continuous operation.