Roxen Astra Shower Door black


  • size 70х195, 80х195, 90х195
  • profile – aluminum with UltraShine coating
  • profile color – black
  • glass color – transparent
  • glass thickness – 6mm
  • construction: hinged

The Roxen Astra shower door with black profile is a convenient hinged model with a universal installation on the right or left side. A solid hinge holds the door along its entire height, equipped with a pendulum system – it can be opened in both directions. The hinge lifts the door when opened and lowers it when it returns to its original position, thus eliminating water leakage. The transparent 6 mm impact-resistant glass with EasyClean water-repellent coating makes it much easier to care for the product. The adjustable wall profile is made of anodized heat-resistant aluminum with a special UltraShine coating, which retains the shine of the product for many years, prevents the formation of corrosion and protects against scratches. The tightness of the product is ensured by special silicone seals and a magnetic tape, which ensures reliable closing of the door. Comfortable double handles are made of steel. The special EasyFix technology ensures fast and reliable assembly of the product’s aluminum profiles. This model provides for installation both on the floor, equipped with a drain, and on a shower tray or podium.